Application Procedure┃

On line application, on-site application and postal application(both hard copy or scan then send soft copy by email is ok ).
After receiving the application documents, the CTC will check for two to three days. Payment completed, that is, the registration is successful, the center will send the admission permit.

1.Postal Application

Required Documents
1.Application Form: Downloadand fill in the application form and attach one passport-sized color photograph.
2.Passport Copy: A photocopy of the bio-page of your passport.
3.Proof of Financial Support
(it is only necessary to provide one of the four options from the column on the right):
(1)An original copy of a bank account statement showing at least NT$80,000 or equivalent in other currencies, the statement must be from within the last three months.
(2)If a relative’s bank account statement is provided, the relative must write an explanation of their relationship to the student and guarantee their willingness to fund their expenses.
(3) Proof of a Scholarship
(4)Proof of a Bank loan
4.Copy of Diploma: (1) High School:A photocopy of your High School Diploma or a University acceptance letter for the current year
(2) University:A photocopy of a transcript of your grades, your University Diploma or your student ID card.

1.The above documents must be written in either Chinese or English, if they are written in any other language then a translation by an approved organization must also be provided.
2. Applicants applying from abroad:Please send application to the Chinese Language Center6 weeksbefore the date of the first class (according to the postmark on the letter)
3.Applicants applying locally:Please send application to the Chinese Language Center2 weeksbefore the date of the first class (according to the postmark on the letter)
4.After the application has been processed, the Chinese Language Center will post out the school admission permit, please allow time for it to be received, if during this time you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

2.On-site Application

Either yourself or a friend or relative acting on your behalf can come to the Chinese Language Center and hand in all the relevant documentation in person.