The fee┃

The fee is based on fifteen hours for a total of 150-180 hours.

┃Course Fees┃

Spring Course、Summer Course、Autumn Cours:NT$33,000(≒US$1,100)(180Hours)
Winter Course:NT$28,000(≒US$933)(150Hours)
Summer Course-2 months:NT$22,000(≒US$688)(120Hours)

┃Enrolment Regeister Fee┃

Returning Student: NT$500(≒US$16)
New Student: NT$1000(≒US$32)

┃Other Course Fees┃

Class One on One Tuition One on Two Tuition One on Three Tuition One on Four Tuition
Fees Each Person per Hour NT$700
Special class:
Each Person per Hour NT$550 Each Person per Hour NT$450 Each Person per Hour NT$400

┃Payment method┃

1.Send the registration fee to the designated National Tsing Hua University bank account and scan and email a copy of the remittance receipt to
2.Pay by cash at the Chinese Language Center.

To the bank
Account Name: National Tsing Hua University 401 Account
Account No.: 0150 3607 0041
Bank:Bank of Taiwan-Husinchu Branch
Remark: 107D0003BE Regular Chinese Courses

Refund Policy:

1.Applicants will be required the receipt, and provide a copy of passbook for the refund.
2.These Guidelines are based on the Ministry of Education's Guidelines for Collenges with Extension Education Programs;“Refunds” in these Guidelines refer to tuition cost only.Other coats, including application fees and insurance costs, will not be refunded. 90% of tuition will be refunded for applications submitted no later than the day before the semester stars. 50% will be refunded for applications submitted before 1/3 of the semester is completed. No refunds will be given for applications submitted after the semester is 1/3 completed.