Course Map┃

The CLC offers four terms of intensive Chinese courses, which begin on the first Monday of March, June, September and December. The classes are held for 3 hours per day/15 hours per week.
Tuition and Fees: In this chart, the Taiwan dollar to US Dollar exchange rate is NT$:US$=30:1, in practice the fee will follow exchange rate adjustments, for which no further notification on the updates will be made.


Basic Level:Ability to communicate in daily life, this course concentrates on topics you will come across in daily life.
Intermediate Level: Communication ability, understanding and analysis of written works and speeches. To give the student the ability to independently write a report expressing the main points of a topic.
Advanced Level:To be have the ability to affectively use language to discuss wide ranging or unfamiliar topics. To express oneself in writing using the correct structures and forms.

┃Teaching Materials┃

Basic Level:

A Course in Contemporary Chinese Books I-3, Other Supplementary Teaching Materials.

Intermediate Level:

A Course in Contemporary Chinese Books 4-5, Far East Everyday Chinese Book 3, Taiwan Today, Practical Business Dialogue, Mini Radio Plays.

Advanced Level:

Learning Chinese with Newspaper, Selected readings of financial and economic news, Thought and Society, The Independent Reader, A First Course in Literary Chinese, Other Teaching Materials Selected by the Teacher.


Basic Level:Band A Level 1-2
Intermediate Level:Band B Level 3-4
Advanced Level:Band C Level 5-6


Basic Level:500-1500 Words
Intermediate Level:1500-4000 Words
Advanced Level:4000-7000 Words

┃Study Period┃

Basic Level:3-9 Months
Intermediate Level:3-9 Months
Advanced Level:3-9月