It is recommended that students who are coming to Taiwan for the first time, should book a hotel prior to arrival (if you require the center to book a hotel on your behalf, please inform us by email or letter at least one week prior to your arrival), after arrival you may wish to search for a suitable dormitory or a room to rent in the local area.


┃Short-Term Accommodation┃

┃Long-Term Accommodation┃

*Polite Reminder

1.Irrespective of the length of time you need to rent a property you will need to sign a rental agreement, otherwise if the landlord should ask you to leave without notice, you won’t have any proof in order to receive compensation.
2.When signing the contract you must ask to see the landlord’s identity card, the property title deeds, a tax receipt for the property, and land registration transcription to verify the landlord’s ownership of the property. If you are subletting then you must also request to see the contract signed with the primary landlord in order to find out whether or not it is already being sublet.
3.If there are any alterations made to the contract then both parties need to add their seal or signature in order to prevent any possible future disputes from occurring.
4.Both parties must keep a copy of the contract for reference.
5.After you arrive at the apartment remember to take photographs of the rooms, in order to ensure that when you need to move out, you can return the rooms to their original appearance.

While looking for an apartment to rent you may wish to ask the prospective landlord the following questions:

1.Does the rent include the following: Water, electricity, air conditioning, cable television, communal fees and building administration fees?
2.When and how does the rent need to be paid?
3.How much is the deposit?
4.What furniture and facilities does the room have? If you require anything else can the landlord supply it to you free of charge?
5.If the apartment has communal areas, which are they: Toilet or bathroom facilities, living room or kitchen.
6.Does the landlord have any other requirements: Male and female tenants are both acceptable? Are you allowed to keep pets? If the landlord is also living at the property, are there any rules or limits in the use of the communal areas.
7.How old is the property? What are the main building materials?
8.What jobs do the other tenants do?

┃On Campus Accommodation┃

Accommodation Location: The university accommodation is in No. 10 Qingzhai Building, areas A、B and C.

Room Information:

Room Type Fee amenity Note
No. 10 Qingzhai Building Single 800/per day
Twin 1000/ per day
Twin beds
Two rooms share a bathroom
Graduate dormitory 3500-5000/per month Two top bunks
Public bathroom
Female dormitory(Xue, Ru Zhai.)
Male dormitory(Qing Zhai)

Dormitory Introduction

No. 10 Qingzhai Building- Single

No. 10 Qingzhai Building- Communal Lounge

Graduate dormitory- Communal Lounge

No. 10 Qingzhai Building- Twin

Graduate dormitory- Qing Zhai

Graduate dormitory-
Xue, Ru Zhai.