Our school is easily come by bus number 1 or 2.


1. How to get from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Hsinchu’s National Tsing Hua University:
A. If it is your first time to Taiwan it is recommended that you take a taxi from the airport to the university which will take approximately 50 minutes and will cost approximately NT$1200 (USD40).
B. Take the airport shuttle bus or take the subway to Taoyuan High Speed Rail Station (A18), (this line is forecast to open during April 2017, journey time will be 10 minutes) and then take the high speed rail southbound, the first station will be Hsinchu Station (journey time approximately 20 minutes) and then take a taxi from outside the station to National Tsing Hua University (journey time approximately 15 minutes, cost approximately NT$ 250)

High-speed Rail:
From HsinChu High Speed Rail Station you can transfer to other modes of transport (the journey time form Taipei to Hsinchu is approximately 35 minutes)
Bus: From the first floor hall exit No. 4 go towards bus stop No. 2 and take Kuo-Kuang Bus No. 182, the route is from to Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station to Bei Daqiao and then get off at the National Tsing Hua University stop.
Taxi: It will take approximately 15 minutes To arrive at National Tsing Hua University and will cost approximately NT$250

At Hsinchu Train Station you can choose to take a bus or a taxi (the journey time is approximately 10 minutes and will cost approximately NT$120)。

Taipei Bus Station is next to Taipei Train Station, from here you can take a bus to Hsinchu, there are several different routes you can take, the journey time is approximately 80 minutes and you should get off at the National Tsing Hua University bus stop.

Local bus:
Route No. 1(journey time approximately 10-15 minutes)
Route No. 2(journey time approximately 1 hour)
*Where to get on the bus: Minzu Road,next to SOGO department store which is in front of Hsinchu Train Station.
*Where to get off the bus: National Tsing Hua University bus stop.


Central and South - Qingda (northbound lane)

1. From Hsinchu Interchange95A, turn left to Guangfu Road and go straight to Campus
2. From Hsinchu Science Park Interchange 95B, turn left to Park Road No. 2 then go straight to Xinan Road and turn left. Go into the school campus from South Gate.

North- Qingda (Southbound lane)

1. From interchange Gongdao 5th 95A, take the right lane Gongdao 5th Rd and go straight along to Jianzhong Junction and turn left , go straight along the JianZhong Road then turn the left to Guangfu Rd.

2. Go straight after Interchange Gongdao 5th 95A then turn right, turn right, You can see the main entrance to the campus on the Guangfu Road. If missed, you can get off the highway by the next exit (Hsinchu Science Park Interchange 95B), turn right to the Xinan Road, then you will see the South to the campus .